Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time. Learn how to prepare yourself and your family, what to do in the event of a disaster, and what resources are available to help you recover.


Sign up for Hopkinton's emergency alert  system called CodeRed


A detailed emergency preparedness plan is being developed and can be found here. This plan will include important phone numbers and shelter information should the disaster call for one to be established.


Packing in an emergency situation can be stressful which is why you should plan ahead. Use this checklist as a guide to know what your emergency kit should contain.


Are you ready with necessary supplies for your family during an emergency?



You Can Make a Difference

Join the Hopkinton Medical Reserves Corp. We are now recruiting for all candidates, you do not need to have a medical background. It is a free simple process that would allow to assist in emergency situations, at flu clinics or assist with other efforts.

You can visit the health department to complete the application or you can download it and finish at home. If you are a medical provider you must provide a copy of your license.

The Cori form can be completed with a notary or brought to the health department for verification. You will need to show proof of identification.

You will need to apply for a FEMA ID and then complete the ICS 100 course and provide me with the certificate.

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